HouChi now thinks your you to definitely QingMu loves try ShangGu, not HouChi

HouChi now thinks your you to definitely QingMu loves try ShangGu, not HouChi

QingMu appears to the idea of cleaning GuJun’s guns space so you’re able to persuade GuJun which he was really serious the matrimony

[Ep 29] GuJun is slow heating to QingMu, and eats the food you to definitely QingMu generated. (he appears absolutely stuffed) not, the guy however doesn’t commit to the marriage

GuJun says best married hookup app to HouChi regarding how he discover part of ShangGu’s soul/soul, and you may nurtured it for a long time, up until HouChi came into this world. One to portion is actually too strong, it must be close. HouChi had the woman soul ships close while the, just before ShangGu passed away, she need one inside her 2nd life, she would not be a goodness. So HouChi are a good lowly immortal with pent up powers. ( Ouch, they hurts reading that you’re not whom you unquestionably are )

Whenever questioned hence spirit he would like: ShangGu otherwise QingMu, QingMu abruptly gets an onslaught away from BaiJue’s thoughts, their vision turn purple, and then he says to HouChi that she can not damage ShangGu. HouChi feels betrayed. QingMu has already been suspecting that he’s BaiJue.

[Ep thirty-two] JingYang additionally the most other guy from the Demon group initiate attacking, and you may flame rains upon the fresh new individuals. HouChi produces a boundary to quit they.

QingMu would go to rating ZhiYang’s Dual Spear. But fire strikes your, and QingMu’s vision change red-colored, for example his devil times got control over your. He or she is BaiJue once more! He and additionally sees BoXuan’s looks in the good coffin.

HouChi concludes this new Demon and Heavenly world of attacking, but WuHuan is also there, and you can claims one to she colluded into the demons. TianQi is also around.

HouChi asks ZiYue to eliminate fighting into the Immortal Domain and crack the newest secure on her behalf spiritual vessels. QingMu together with comes, but HouChi forces your out.

However, the QingMu will there be, and you will conserves your day together with TaiCang Spear and you may ZhiYang’s Dual Spear

[Ep 33] QingMu need to supply the Dual Spear for the Eden Palace contained in this three days if not QingChi castle can get problems on Heavenly Palace.

BoXuan is actually in North-sea. HouChi, QingMu, and you may ZiYue the wade there. There is certainly a key door which was from the time the true Gods are still live, (that needs to be very hard to-break) however, QingMu opens they with ease. There was a very strong barrier surrounding BoXuan, and you can QingMu holiday breaks they to your TaiCang Spear. A fantastic orb floats out of BoXuan so you can QingMu’s direct, he’s beginning to be BaiJue in a sense.

BoXuan is actually brought back so you’re able to QingChi castle, however, they are nevertheless sleeping because of wounds. GuJun says to QingMu when BoXuan wakes upwards, QingMu will disappear/become BaiJue. GuJun suspects that WuHuan murdered YueMi, maybe not TianQi. GuJun tries to encourage MuGuang you to WuHuan really should not be respected.

HouChi should 3 special things in order to save and awaken BoXuan, you start with a great tower. She together with places a barrier toward QingMu so as that he won’t opt for the girl.

The brand new protector saw you to definitely she stored people whenever there was flame pouring down on them. The fresh guardian lets their make the tower, because of this lady a good have a tendency to.

QingMu goes to the latest Heavenly Castle to find the history product. Although not, immediately following he had the object, he had been enclosed by troops regarding castle.

Both of them show up in front of MuGuang and you will WuHuan. HouChi will come and you will says to people what WuHuan did. WuHuan and HouChi start fighting, and you can WuHuan shows that she grabbed brand new Twin Spear by using it as she was about to lose. MuGuang penalized WuHuan by simply making this lady visit the Nether Business having 100 years. Although not, the protector of your tower colluded which have JingYang, and you may mentioned that HouChi stole the tower, even if the guy FREAKING Provided They In order to The girl Voluntarily.

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