K’s need for business control and you can doom technologies, let alone his better-documented love of pickles

K’s need for business control and you can doom technologies, let alone his better-documented love of pickles

Dr. Krankcase is actually a mad researcher that is one of several playable Tech villains into the Skylanders: Trap Class. He could be an old member of the fresh Doom Raiders, several infamous villains.

Into the Skylanders: Imaginators, Krankcase gave abreast of a longevity of offense in order to become an excellent Quickshot Sensei and instruct Imaginators.


Dr. Krankcase are respectful possesses a casual disposition on the his opponents, also striking right up quick exchanges prior to and you can throughout the a combat, and just have tends to make puns referencing to their goo weapons. He could be still, although not, a great maniacal enraged researcher just who features doing worst innovations and will not be afraid into the unleashing her or him along with his very own overall performance on those who contradict your additionally the Doom Raiders.

Immediately after his rehabilitation into the Imaginators, Krankcase nevertheless keeps higher satisfaction in the innovations, but now believes you to definitely science might be useful for the greater amount of «GOO’D» of Skylands, as he leaves they.


No one is very somewhat sure just what Dr. Krankcase are a doctor regarding. but his technology technology success was legendary. The answer to their achievements will be based upon their modified concoction out-of radiant green goo, which causes wooden stuff to come to lives and start to become worst. His novel skillset makes him an asset to the Doom Raiders, who have numerous nefarious ways to use evil solid wood pets entitled Evilikins. It is also also known one to Dr. Krankcase supported given that a bad inspiration so you’re able to Kaos once up on an excellent date, who’d identified how to make his very own wooden pets, the Wilikins, come to life immediately following studying about the physician’s exploits regarding Minion Month-to-month Directory. Kaos along with acknowledged Dr.

Skylanders: Trap Party

Dr. Krankcase, and the most other Doom Raiders, had been freed from Cloudcracker Prison from the Kaos who tried to imagine management along the villainous classification. Although villains was in fact so much more ready to follow the instructions from their amazing frontrunner, new Wonderful Queen. Dr. Krankcase authored a finest Gun so you can funnel the efficacy of Traptanium for the Doom Raiders to use for the worst ends. If Skylanders turn off the supply out of goo had a need to strength the new weapon, Dr. Krankcase easily discovered a solution to the difficulty to cease the fresh Golden Queen’s wrath. The fresh new annoyed researcher said you to because of the burying a slice out-of cheddar, it can grow incredibly stinky ten,000 age later in which the Doom Raiders can also be access they and take it back to the current.

While the a portal Master is had a need to travelling courtesy go out, Dr. Krankcase and Wolfgang was allotted to recover Kaos. The fresh Skylanders faced Dr. Krankcase in his working area and then he involved them inside battle, trapping Kaos along the way. From inside the strive, Wolfgang showed up, together with resentful researcher was leftover on his own if werewolf merely found gather Kaos or take him so you can Big date Urban area. Dr. Krankcase try sooner or later beaten despite the better of his performance, and you will is caught shortly afterwards.

Once their simply take, the newest Skylanders got him to help you Big date Town (that is in which Wolfgang was carrying Kaos hostage) having their Villain Quest named «Diorama Crisis», available with a Wilikin named Leyland. The guy desired the new resentful weil to see if he think it is fun. However, Krankcase as an alternative dissolved it having goo firearm, far so you can Leyland’s headache, even when he hinted you to their would-be a surprise behind they. Krankcase ended up being granted to your Wilikin’s many thanks, a new outfit, together with Bobby cap.

White at nighttime

From inside the Yearly Mabu Meander, Dr. Krankcase made an effort to go into the race and win even with being in a clear advantage over the Mabu college students. Knight Mare quickly registered the brand new race as well and you may chased after the fresh new villain. Despite their work in order to slow the latest Ebony Pitfall Master off, Dr. Krankcase is actually banged into the a forest because of the Knight Mare, making it possible for the fresh Mabu so you can race fairly.

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